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This is another fantastic illustration by Mathia Arkoniel. One of the things that I absolutely love about this serial is obviously the scifi setting so I really wanted some movie poster feel illustrations of our heros. Mathia really nailed Jace here with his cool demeanor and his dual-wielding weaponry!

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  • Oohlala! Very nice. Just how I pictured him. Especially those kissable lips! Mwaah! ;)

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  • Nice, one of the better looking hero's in these stories.

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  • EXCELLENT art! I like everything from the clothing to the props to the background and the scenery!

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  • *Screams in ecstasy* I love it!!!! Jace looks like a boss!

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  • I absolutely simp hard Captain America and Jace is so similar with the weakling to beefy, moralistic hero character and all. *sighs with dreamy eyes at the illustration*

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  • Absolutely love this poster.

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  • Beautiful and the space out there is amazing

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  • Such life in the eyes, love it! TLC

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  • Sooo cool love it ?

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  • Wonderful artwork...The colors used really really bring out Jace's expression and determination...plus he's gorgeous!

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