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Tarada and Ryo Kiyuubi

Tarada has been the leader of the Kiyuubi-kai Clan for thirty-five years. He started it himself as a young man while Neo-Tokyo was in its beginnings. He saved Yasuo from death in his mother's womb and took the boy in, raising him as his own. Some think that Tarada will hand over the reigns of leadership to Yasuo rather than his flesh and blood son Ryo.

A brash and impetuous young man, Ryo wants to lead the Kiyuubi-kai even though he is ill-suited for the task. He hates Yasuo with a white-hot passion and resents the fact that Yasuo reacts not at all to his taunts and ill-considered plans. Instead, Yasuo picks up the pieces when things go awry without a word of reprobation.


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  • Ryo looks like Reno from Final Fantasy VII.

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  • I have found this story on what wattpad under a differentname. the name it goes by there is paint the sky with stars. the name of the person it is under is shredded_art.

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    Thanks. I've reported them for copy-right infringement. It looks like they copy-pasted. It's pathetic. I also had some fun in the comments.

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