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Jude Connor has seen plenty of the bitter side of life.  His beauty brought him unwanted attention from the predators of the world. Thankfully, he seemed born with an innate ability to sense who will cause him trouble and calm those who are ruled by their more beastly instincts.  Yet now he avoids people as much as possible, believing he can only be safe if he's on his own even as his heart still yearns for a people to belong to.

But his foster sister, Tessa Cambridge, knows that Jude's heart is being overridden by his head and that Jude really needs to be a part of a family to find happiness.  Though she tries to get him to join her and her party, Jenny, in New York City, Jude cannot bear being in crowds of people. Instead, he roams the highways on his motorcycle, picking up odd jobs as he goes to pay his way, which allows him to stay near the forests that call to him.


  • I desperately need another werewolf story, either a continuation or completely new I don't care! I have read this one so many times I adore it and just need more!

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  • You're making me want to read this story even more. I love hearing when people come back to a story multiple times ❤ gives me faith in the plot. I've only read 3 other stories by RR but loved them all.

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  • Meow! hot body, but he looks sooo long suffering!

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  • so far sound interesting;)

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  • He has sort of a tragic face. like there is a great sadness in his life and it can not be healed.

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  • hmmmm i wonder if it possible for werewolves to half breeds

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  • Oh how gorgeous! I can just imagine Gareth not being able to stop drooling as soon as Jude gets naked. Very lickable ;)

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  • *stares at Jude's naked body*
    Yup! I guess he could definitely make Gareth falls short on his promise to not take a mate! ^^

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  • In reply to: keith

    Embarrassed cough - I can't help but ah look at that certain part of his anatomy that's hinted at.

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  • In reply to: Raythe

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who stopped and blinked a few times before stareing.

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