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Gareth has always been known as "The Gray" in the Cold Moon Pack for his ability to seeming disappear in a forest mist only to reappear at his enemy's throat.  Mack called him an old soul from the moment they met on a battlefield when Gareth's life's blood was flowing out of him and the Alpha asked if he wanted a chance to continue to live.  

Gareth never thought to take over the Cold Moon Pack, though many saw in him Alpha potential from the beginning, but he believed and was content at the thought that Mack would lead them forever.  Yet when tragedy struck and Mack went rogue, it was Gareth's strength that kept the pack from self-destructing. He was named the pack's Alpha unanimously, nominated by the pack's Beta Nina. He is one of the youngest Alphas ever. 

When asked why she didn't take over the pack herself as she was more than respected and worthy to do so, Nina gave him a cool-eyed glance and said, "My skills go to keeping things running smoothly. Yours are to get out front and lead us in this new world, Gareth."

Now with the responsibility and burden of the pack on his shoulders, Gareth believes that he must at all costs avoid the same trap that Mack fell into: loving someone more than life itself.


  • I just need to throw this out there. The sketches and illustrations are so beautiful! Even the backgrounds help bring out what I'm reading. Thank you so much for your wonderful works. Now I can go read it ;)

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  • I’m already in love with him.

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  • God Mathias art just takes these stories to a new level.

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  • You know he's a keeper when he's chilling and reading. With abs.

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  • To Mathia: the art is phenomenal as always! I love this whole character-study thing you've got going on now, with the different poses and clothing. But why are the guys always butchered--I mean, circumcised? It's mainly an American thing...and I guess it can come down to a matter of preference, but I like unaltered dong snuggies, meself. More sensation, less friction. *wicked grin*

    Regardless, I love your art! You bring the characters to life and add so much depth to the already lively stories!

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  • Its a man-bun! score!

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  • well e is well indowed

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  • Well he's gorgeous... And I love the fact that he's reading: it shows not only his intelligence, but a deviation from a lot of stereotypical alpha males. They tend to be the macho ones, more brains than brawn, quick to anger, etc. But this gives us the feeling he's more calm and calculated, is happy with a lazy afternoon of reading, etc. I get the feeling I'm reaaaally going to like him :) (and as others have mentioned, I find these poses compared to the past character sketches give a much better feel for the characters)

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  • In reply to: Raine

    He is very secure in his masculinity. He can be thoughtful, which doesn't mean he isn't powerful. He knows what he wants, he goes after it, but is not a caveman. He's forceful, but an be gentle. He knows who he is in my estimation.

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  • *giggles and blushes* Not sure if I should be embarrassed for blushing. I do like this new way of showing characters. I'm a very visual person and I like the fact that with the different poses and outfits(or lack thereof *blushes again*) I can get a better sense of the characters.

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