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He has many names.  Ancient One. First Among Equals. King.  Daemon.  The last is what the humans called him with fear and reverence in their voices.  And then no one called him at all.  After he chose to sleep to await his first Fledgling, both humans and Vampires forgot that he truly existed.

Daemon faded into myth …

But he would not stay there.  The one that Daemon has dreamed of, his first Fledgling, has been born and they will find one another.  It is fate.  And he will walk the worlds of humans and Vampires once more as king.

  • Well he's certainly not hard to look at

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  • Mmm those red eyes are hot!

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  • Wake up sleeping beauty.

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  • This is such a beautiful image. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the artwork is which just draws you into the stories more.

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  • He's so pretty (and yet brooding).

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  • hes hot

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  • In reply to: fjdh1966

    the understatement of 4 years lol

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  • Wow, he's stunning.

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  • This universe seems to owe more to the world of The Vampire Diaries (Daemon, originals, long sleeps) - it will be interesting to see what vampire history looks like. Since Daemon has no fledglings, the vampire line will have descended from the other 10 originals, which would seem to put him at a political disadvantage in any power struggles that ensue once he awakens. We'll see.

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  • In reply to: zen2go

    There is going to be a lot of vampire politics in this. But it's going to be cool, not boring. The focus on the plot will be mostly on Daemon and Julian as well as Christian and another vampire named Balthazar Ravenscroft ...

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