The Raythe Reign Times: February 2022

The Raythe Reign Times: February 2022

Catch up on what's happening at Raythe Reign for this month.  What's ending soon?  What's just getting started?  When is Raythe expecting to release her next book?

πŸ“… On The Schedule...

We are taking a break from the Dragon's Reign podcast for 5 weeks. This is because: 
* Cinders & Ashes is now 6 books instead of 5, and Raythe has to work on that. 
* We're getting ready for the next podcast since Dragon's Reign has 15 more episodes (after the one publishing on Feb 3.) This is our 'planning period' so that there is a smooth transition between one story and the next. 

//✏️MANGA // 
Dark Earth 11 is done! There is a new one but there's tech stuff that has to happen before Raythe can start uploading, and it needs a cover. 
You can get The Dark Earth manga from our shop here: 

Date a Vampire 3 has not been abandoned. There's a bottleneck with both Raythe and Mathia, and this is ALSO something we need this planning period for. We're straightening out our schedule during our vacation... which is more like 'teacher improvement days.' 
Feb 12 - Audiobook giveaway 
Feb 19 - Empire of Stars live reading (2pm Central) 
Feb 26 - Audiobook giveaway 

Chapters this month... 
3 Ever Dark Academy 
3 Empire of Stars 
3 Labyrinth 
3 Wicked Path​​

πŸ“š Books & Audiobooks

Cinders & Ashes 5 is now coming in March.
Add to list / pre-order here: 
But Members get it first and free.​

πŸ’² Free Stuff

Feb 3-7: Bodyguard 1 
Feb 23-27: Bodyguard 2 

This is a bodyguard romance... sort of. Also with flying snakes, cults, ancient gods, reincarnation. You know, 'Raythe stuff.' 
​Even if you've already read them or gotten them free because you're a Member, download them from Amazon anyway if you're at all interested in the audiobooks. When you own the books, you often get an audiobook discount. ​


We're close to 6k but waiting to do a special at 7500. If you have ideas on what that could be, tell us! We have no good ideas at this time. FB sux, so Kat has moved the fun stuff onto YouTube - the polls, discussions, etc. Be sure to check out the new Dragon's Reign shorts for each dragon shifter, and the community tab for questions and polls (mostly silly stuff.)​​​

Join the Discord here: (it still works, I checked.)​
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Hello, How do I get a code for audiobook give away?
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