The Raythe Reign Times: March 2022

The Raythe Reign Times: March 2022

Catch up on what's happening at Raythe Reign for this month.  What's ending soon?  What's just getting started?  When is Raythe expecting to release her next book?

📅 On The Schedule...

March 5 - Nothing (it was supposed to be news, but we had to get this out early for the free books)
Feb 12 - Empire of Stars live stream
Feb 19 - Dragon's Reign returns with chapter 126!
Feb 26 - Audiobook giveaway

Chapters this month... 
4 Ever Dark Academy 
4 Wicked Path
3 Empire of Stars 
3 Labyrinth 

📚 Books & Audiobooks

Cinders & Ashes 5 is almost here!
Amazon release - March 16: 
But Members get it first and free, probably the week before the Amazon release.

💲 Free Stuff

March 3-7 - Cinders & Ashes 1:
March 3-7 - Cinders & Ashes 4:

Yes, both books of this gay high fantasy series based on Cinderella are free at the same time!
Even if you've already read them or gotten them free because you're a Member, download them from Amazon anyway if you're at all interested in the audiobooks. When you own the books, you often get an audiobook discount.


We're on TikTok:
And resurrected the Instagram:


Eleanor Willow (Sir Loracaz) has both sexy fanart which is shown below, and fanfiction on AO3.
The first is a NYE story:
The second (and much longer) is V-Day:

Sophie (Keith) has fan art, fanfiction, and cosplay.
"I wrote a short fanfic full of Elgar cuddles! Link here:"

Art of Khoth is commissioned from RJ Pierce.

Everyone should check out the nicely organized fan art channel on the Discord - no talking, just art. There's even an animation!​

Join the Discord here: (checked 3/1/22.)
Art by Eleanor Willow (Sir Loracaz)
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