The Raythe Reign Times: May 2021

The Raythe Reign Times: May 2021

Catch up on what's happening at Raythe Reign for this month.  What's ending soon?  What's just getting started?  When is Raythe expecting to release her next book?

Calendar Events

May 8 - Dragon's Reign Podcast 
May 15 - Empire of Stars live reading 
May 22 - Dragon's Reign Podcast 
May 29 - 25 audiobook codes for Members

Free Stuff

Bodyguard Book 1 - May 6-10 (
Vampire's Club 1-3 - May 19-23 (


New serial IS coming in June, and we've got some cool promo stuff for it this month. 

Raythe is confident Dragon's Reign will have its last chapters in June, so look for the new serial toward the second half of June.

Amazing fan art & original art channel on the Discord! 
Membership giveaways - like gifted Twitch subs, but for Raythe Reign. 
Join in here: (it works, I checked.)
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Lycanking on Sunday, 05 March 2023 22:18

The discord link isn’t working for me.

The discord link isn’t working for me.
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