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Grand Master Vampire


His real name has been lost to the tides of time and even his own memories. He is known among his own kind, the vampires, as the Nomad.  He is Enforcer of the Vampire Law. Only he can kill other vampires with impunity. He exercises this right justly, but he has earned himself many enemies.  So many that he must have a double life that not even his beloved fledglings can know about.

He has taken on many identities for this second life. Many of these lives revolve around Miskatonic University, the ancient institution for everything paranormal.  This time around, he calls himself Professor Xavier Fall, honored professor of Occult Studies.  In that role, he indulges in his other interest: tracking darkness wherever it may be.  And Hamilton, Wisconsin is his next destination once he meets graduate student Flynn Haggerty.

Flynn has the smell of darkness on him.  Not that the beautiful young man is dark, but he’s been touched by it and that touch has gone bone deep.  Sensing that Flynn is going to be running towards that darkness once more, the Nomad determines to see where the young man will lead.



  • the nomad should have a platonic relationship with his fledglings

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  • So beautiful and sexy!
    But isn't he supposed to have dark/black hair and violet eyes?

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  • I love this picture! So sexy! Can you do a picture of the Nomad sleeping with his fleglings the first night? I think it would be sexy and sweet!

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  • Hot, hot, HOT!!! The picture of the Nomad in the banner actually exceeds my expectations. And given Mathia's talent and skill, those were pretty high already. Flynn's not too shabby either. :D But the Nomad is everything he should be! Awesome.

    from Tacoma, WA, USA
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  • Gods, I absolutely love this picture- Mathia has outdone herself. One thing, though, I was expecting -and REALLY looking forward to!- a fledgling sandwich with those lovelies of his.

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  • There is a sad petty part of me that would far rather have gotten these images interspersed with the chapters to come (say, when POV changes to that characters viewpoint), simply because then I know I'd savor each one that much more. And I love action shots. One of my favorite pieces on the whole shot is an action one- the big reveal of Alric's crown in the Fell. I mean how awesome is that to see such deep powerful emotion on their faces? I LOVE these character sketches. Don't get me wrong. These are powerful glimpses into each soul. But STILL. I love me my moments in realtime.

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  • OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! When will this new book start? I gotta feeling is gona be my new favorite, just because the Nomad is in it! He is just like th First, from Drakon...a "secondary" character, but who at the end, stoled all the fans!
    And now a history just for him! I died and when to heaven! Wait a minute...nop, not there yet. I have to read it first!!!!;)

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  • Nomad is currently skyrocketing to my number one spot of The Hottest Men of Raythe Reign! Watch out, Icar! He's certainly outpaced Alric, Asher, Shimada and Karasu. By the gods, this banner! Hello my new phone background ;)

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  • In reply to: admin2

    that is a brillant idea you're a genius! :)

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  • Wow. This is so exciting!!

    I could never quite picture what the Nomad looks like but, looking at Mathia's portrait and [especially] his expression in the banner, I can't imagine anything more perfect. [Seriously, I feel like his expression says so much about his personality.]

    I'm also really looking forward to getting more of a look inside Miskatonic. I feel like its been more side-character, catalyst, and/or a means to facilitate the story. I'm really interested in the institution, however, and can't wait to see more of it's inner workings.

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