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Jaela is the daughter of two university professors and is dedicated to knowledge, but she bears a burden that her parents do not: she's a psychic and she is burdened by everyone's lies, because she sees their truth.  Those who know about her gift are paranoid that she knows everything about them and they can have no privacy around her.  She believes that she is destined to either lie about her abilities or be alone.  She thinks that she has chosen the latter.  

She is determined to use her gift to help find out the truth about what happened to the residents of Hamilton, Wisconsin and bring them justice if she can. 

  • I’ve only seen her picture and I love her already.

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  • ……………….. huh i wonder what she knows about Nomad.
    she looks so fierce and bad ass

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  • So, I live in Wisconsin and every time Wisconsin is mentioned, my thoughts go to, "Wish that was real!" LOL. Because, this story is just so amazing!

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  • ooo such a regal feel, I like. Hopefully she doesn't have to end up alone though :( Everyone has so much to deal with but that's obviously expected attending this school.

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  • She is so PRETTY :D ! She looks like a beautiful queen :) !

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  • she makes me think of an African queen. I don't think I'd be to bothered her abilities although I can see why those around her would be. Hell the whole university is nothing but secrets and all the people seem to be extra paranoid about it. She obviously knows how to keep secrets though or she wouldn't be there still.

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  • I feel bad that I would totally be in the camp that was nervous about my secrets being revealed...

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  • In reply to: vidya

    Yeah it's a big issue for her. Though she can't read the Nomad.

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  • In reply to: Raythe

    I was wondering about that... cause I'm pretty sure if she could read the Nomad he'd have eaten her for dinner one night.

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