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Dr. Rowan Winter cannot escape his past. But its not just the memories of his parents' betrayal or his sister's death that haunt him the most. Jack Corbyn was supposed to be his future. The two of them were supposed to be together. Forever. And Rowan's darkness would be kept at bay by Jack's light. But then Jack left him...

  • Ok, this is one of my favorite art pieces yet! It's so descriptive, and tells a story on its own.

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  • Obsession is the road to SPEAKS IN CUTHULLU

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  • I like that the strings are wrapped around his wrists.
    It looks like he’s so wrapped up in solving (whatever the mystery is) that he couldn’t leave it alone even if he wanted to.
    And also that he’s part of the mystery…

    Very cool. I’m looking forward to it.

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  • This story sounds interesting so far and the art is really great too ^-^

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