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As they pulled out onto the two-lane highway, Aidan stared at the huge trees that lined the road and hung heavily over the asphalt. Their leaves were dark green, pulsing with fulsome life. It must be a full time job keeping them from overgrowing everything, Aidan thought. His eyes were drawn to one of the dark spaces between the massive trunks. He jerked forward in his seat as he thought he saw a flicker of movement, something silvery slipping between the trees, but before he could tell what it was the road curved and it was lost from view. He looked over at Anna to see if she had noticed the slivery flash, too, but her gaze was flipping between the road and the rearview mirror. She was checking to see when Sarah wasn’t paying attention to them.

“Mom, what is it?” Aidan asked quietly.

“I should have told you this earlier, but I just – couldn’t,” she whispered back. Her knuckles went white on the steering wheel. “Aidan, you have to believe if there were any other choice, we wouldn’t be moving in with my father.”

“I know that,” he said, his forehead furrowing in confusion. She had told him that repeatedly. But what had she kept back?

“What I haven’t told you about him is that he’s highly – highly religious,” she said, her mouth pursing on the word ‘religious’ like it left a bad taste in her mouth.

“Is he like Marie-Claire with a Bible verse for every occasion?” Aidan asked.

Marie-Claire had been Aidan’s babysitter for about two years starting when he was ten. She had been horrified that Aidan didn’t go to church so she took it upon herself to tell him a verse from the Bible at every possible moment in the hope that the Lord would seep into him by osmosis. Normally, a mention of the jolly Marie-Claire made his mother smile, but this time she didn’t; her lips thinned instead.

“He’s nothing like Marie. He’s not in any mainstream religion. He’s involved in something called the Clan,” Anna explained.

Aidan shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “The Clan as in Klu Klux—”

“No, although it is a racial group of sorts,” Anna said, her mouth twisted with disgust. “He’s actually the leader of the Clan. Most of the townspeople belong to it. They are very committed.

“Committed to what?” he asked. She gave a quick laugh. “To their feud, really.” Her eyes darted over to him and seeing his bewilderment, she explained, “They despise all people who aren’t members of their religion, but they have a particular hatred for another group of locals who they call the Sidhe.”


“It’s pronounced that way, but it’s spelled s-i-d-h-e.”

“Sounds foreign,” Aidan said as he rolled the word around in his mind.

“It’s a Gaelic word, I think. It has something to do with fairy folk or some such thing,” Anna said, gesturing vaguely. “But not nice Tinkerbelle-type fairies. Banshee-type things.

“Wild,” Aidan said with a sputtering laugh. “People really believe in that kind of stuff here?”

“You can believe a lot of stuff on the Ridge,” Anna responded quietly. Aidan frowned at her serious tone. “And your Grandfather not only believes that there is something other about the Sidhe, he loathes them.”

“He hates them that much?” Aidan’s green eyes widened.

Anna gave a curt nod. But her statements were still bewildering. Okay, so Grandpa – Grandfather – Patrick is a bit bent about some rivals in the neighborhood, so what? Aidan wondered.

“Mom, what does this all have to do with us?” Aidan asked.

“My father thinks that you’re a – a Sidhe,” Anna explained.


  • It still weirds me out how different the word Sidhe sounds from the way it’s spelt.

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  • Okay so he a sidhe,an elf who was bought up human.

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  • OK so why are most of the bottoms in your stories almost always desperately impoverished . And all of the top's immortal or not human and mostly there always extravagantly wealthy who's wealth always makes life better for the sub and his family . I mean I get that this is fantasy and all but really I've noticed this recurring theme in a lot of your stories just saying .

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  • In reply to: raziesgirl

    that's not entirly true; some examples are; In the pack Nate is just as wealthy as Emrys and is way more powerful, and in WHCC, Cole is more powerful than staphanus, and in Sanctuary ALex is just as powerful as Demetrius if not more so; same in Abyss, Anarion is more powerful than Abaddon, in the darkning Dylan is more powerful than Karidon; in cursed Nick is just as powerful as Bane, Drakon, Sebastian is more powerful than Fallon; crimson, Jude is more powerful than Gareth; THE ELVEN KING'S BLADE, Aethaden, and Ciaran are equal in power; in ever dark Julian and Daemon are gonna be just as powerful as each other, (I'm guessing) although not yet; the ghost half, Flynn is at least as powerful if not more than Xavier.

    from United Kingdom
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  • In reply to: Emmauk26

    And Aiden is more powerful than Asher. :)

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  • In reply to: raziesgirl

    yeah I've noticed this too and its actually a really popular trope in any sort of romance (fantasy or otherwise) for there to be sorely uneven power dynamics between couples. Also consider that all of the serial novels on this site are actively called 'yaoi' which is a genre of its own where these power dynamics are played out to mean that the 'bottoms' are usually always at a disadvantage to the 'tops', whether thats economically or physically (the 'tops' usually being taller, more physically powerful/commanding, etc). I won't get into it here but thats just what I've come to expect from the genre - novels like this are not in any way reflective of real life homosexual relationships between men.

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  • In reply to: oxlaa

    Actually, in The Artifact, the bottom is fabulously wealthy and the top is fabulously broke...

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