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After discovering the existence of the human-Mer hybrid Gabriel Braven, the Mer realize that there might still be others like him among the human population.  Mer Lord Aemrys Liseas has been tasked by the king and queen of the Mers to find these children and bring them home.  

Aemrys has already found love and loss among the humans.  He has no intention of ever opening his heart again. He has determined to dedicate himself only to his people.  Love is a complication he does not need.

Graduate student Spencer Long has been haunted by the ocean ever since his mother took her own life by walking out into the Pacific Ocean one starry night.  She claimed that she would not die but meet his father under the sea.  Her body was never found, but Spencer was sure she drowned.  Yet then Spencer learned of the Mers through his work with Dr. Rebecca Cleave. Now he wonders if his dreams of his mother calling to him from magnificent kelp forests are just dreams after all.  

He wants answers from this Mer Lord Aemrys Liseas and nothing else ... 



  • Why do I have to Pay somewhere else to read the first book after PAYING for that access here?

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  • So excited to start this. I read the remix of The Merman on Amazon and now am stoked to read Lord Aemrys's journey! By the way, the art cover is just stunning kwksksjdjekakksk

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  • Oops - wrong color! House Liseas wears purple with a star pattern - right?

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  • In reply to: dsbrenner

    Oh I thought that too, so glad that you said something.

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  • In reply to: dsbrenner

    You are correct but its not a mistake. He's representing all of the Mer now so he goes in green.

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  • In reply to: Raythe

    Thanks for clearing that up, was wondering what was going on myself. :)

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  • YEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The cover is gorgeous!! I can't wait to get to know Miskatonic better, and to see Aemrys again!!!

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  • In reply to: keith

    We will get a closer view of both because the story takes place there with Aemrys as the lead obviously!

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  • So many of your covers are dark colored, this one pops out on the schedule. Super excited to see Aemrys' story continue!

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  • In reply to: shay

    The whole Merman series has really benefitted from Mathias clever use of that brilliant sea blue.

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