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Lord Aemrys Lisea is the Spy Master for the Mer. Only once did he allow his heart to lead him instead of cold logic and that was when he met a human woman, Tabatha Braven.  She was killed by her abusive husband, but their son survived due to Aemrys’ timely destruction of Samuel Braven.  

To Aemrys’ grief, his son did not take to the water. However, his distant relation, Gabriel Braven, did transition into a Mer and is a fabled Caller, meaning he is able to call the dread monstrous being Cthulhu from the deep to destroy the Mer’s enemies.

Aemrys is the Mer’s representative at Miskatonic University to observe, monitor and aid with a project.  Miskatonic has a list of humans with Mer ancestry who have not taken to the water.  The project has found a way to trigger the transition in these human-Mer hybrids.

Aemrys’ objectives are clear.  First and foremost, he must make sure that the project works and does not harm any of the subjects.  Second, he must convince as many of these potential Mers to undergo the transition and come back with him to the fabled Mer capital city of Emralis.  Third, he is to ensure that the humans do not use Mer DNA wrongfully.  Wrongfully is not defined.

Nowhere on that list is Aemrys to fall in love.


  • i want that HOT FISH IN MY TANK lol.

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  • His land outfit really suits him. Kinda makes me want to wear a flowy shirt :p

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  • He's beautiful, so prefect, I love his land clothes they just scream him, and natural beauty, I hope Spencer makes him as happy as Gabrial and Cassillus are, he deserves it. :)

    from United Kingdom
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  • Dang he's hot! But isn't he supposed to have a scar from when he was attacked by Tabithas husband?

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  • Hey! Before we start reading, may I please ask how to pronounce Aemrys?? I don't want to read it wrong in my head... you know?

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  • Finally! A picture of Aemrys! I am so excited for this series to start, I've been hoping and praying for it since I read the last page of Landfall. :D
    I love how his "land clothes" have that ageless quality. From the wrap shirt, to the knotted belt, and gladiator sandals...I am so pumped to see what having him on land is going to be like.

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  • In reply to: roseglass21

    The style is all Mathia! Which I, too, think captures his immortality and otherness.

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  • Woo, hubba hubba! What a hottie!
    Betcha Spencer won't know what bit him once he gets a glimpse of Aemerys.
    Can't wait til read this story!

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  • In reply to: mangaworm

    He has this brooding, sad gorgeousness that makes you desire beyond all things to make him smile.

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  • He is gorgeous - and he also looks a bit sad. He's not smiling much. But that's understandable since he only lost Tabatha a few decades ago (short time for a Mer). Hopefully Spencer can make him smile again :)

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