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Unlike most of his colleagues at Miskatonic University who seem steeped in shadows, Spencer Long lives in the light. Preferably golden sunlight on white sand beaches.  A native of California, he came to the fabled East Coast university, because he senses answers await him there.

When he was twelve, his mother walked into a midnight sea and supposedly drowned.  She had claimed that Spencer's father had come from the water and lived in a fabled city beneath the waves.  But Spencer still dreams of her swimming beneath the ocean's surface, but unable to return to land to get him. These dreams are so vivid that he sometimes sleepwalks and wakes at the water’s edge.

Upon learning of the existence of the Mers through his graduate study program with Dr. Rebecca Cleave, Spencer’s belief that his mother is still alive somewhere, waiting for him grows. The fact that the head of the project, Dr. Rebecca Cleave, reminds him so much of his mother makes him feel that all of this is fated.

But when Lord Aemrys recognizes in him the blood of the reviled and lost Mer House Aer all his plans may be derailed.


  • :pWhy Spencer, your Blank is so LONG :D:D:p

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  • I love how his hair curls in the water. I adore his freckles on his cheeks. And the dalmatian!!!!!!!!!

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  • "The blood of the reviled and lost?" Ok, so this guy is suitably mysterious...and he doesn't even know it.
    I love how his hair changed texture from what I'm assuming is wet to dry. He's a sexy, blonde surfer with a Dalmatian. Can't get much better than that.
    Now, I've only got one question...what's that adorable dog's name?

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  • In reply to: roseglass21

    I'm thinking the dog's name is Pongo from 101 Dalmations, but I'm open to suggestions.

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  • You know, as an open-minded person I love most things. Sadly the name Spencer, well, it just seems odd to me. Not saying that it's a good or bad odd, just odd.:(

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  • In reply to: Akiraki

    I think it's more usual on the East coast

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  • I amend what I said in the last post- Aemerys won't know what hit him. Another hottie to add to the Raythe family of hottles... And a dog lover too!

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  • In reply to: mangaworm

    Exactly! The dog will win Aemrys over!

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  • In reply to: Raythe

    Yeah but since there are no dogs underwater, wouldn't it be funny if he was AFRAID of the dog in the beginning but then Spencer helps warm him up to the dog? Lol or because he's a fish, cats want to eat him so they keep biting him so he doesn't like them either.

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  • What a wonderful contrast to Aemrys, suspect he will actually be the stronger of the two

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