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Corey has already lost one friend to the sea.  Even though he and Gabriel Braven are mentally connected they will never both live on land again.  So he is the closest thing to an expert there is for those Mer-human hybrids to talk to about the costs and gains about transitioning.  

Corey is also the unofficial ambassador for humanity to the Mers.  Somehow he has to keep peace between the driven and desperate Dr. Cleave and the remote and suspicious Lord Aemrys. When it comes out that that Spencer's father is a member of the reviled and exiled Mer House Aer, Corey has his hands full.

  • I was expecting Corey to be decked out in some eye-blinding neon outfit. What happened to the neon orange shorts and lime green Hawaiian shirt??

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  • What is the "Ghost half"? Is it a story I need to read before I can proceed to reading this story?

    from Singapore
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  • Corey is absolutely my all time favorite character, I wonder if he'll find a special lady in this series?

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  • In reply to: randomsquid

    He finds her in the ghost half. :)

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  • I second, third and fourth Corey finding that one special lady to share his days with. Perhaps Anita from WHCC - she needs someone too!

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  • Yaaay, naked Corey!! The perfect Cupid. He's gonna have all the mermaids at his feet! ^^
    So happy to see him again! Is this story happening after The Ghost Half or before?

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  • In reply to: keith

    This story takes place after Ghost Half.

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  • Haha love how he's sooo not ashamed that he's chunky hahaha go Corey!

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  • In reply to: Aleksandr

    :D exactly! He has nothing to be ashamed of. He's adorable!

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  • I saw Corey's nudie pick and went crazy! I mean, like, DON'T SEXUALIZE SANTA!!!!!! He's always been like asexual or something. Like, even though we've all heard the song "I saw Momma Kissing Santa Claus" we still don't think of him as a man- a normal kind of guy. Like, no offense to the older readers, but it's like when you are a kid and by now you think that your grandparents should stop having sex until someone then tells you, "Well, that's a complete and total lie. Old people get STDs as old folks because they have constant chances of doing it at nursing homes." Like, eck. It's something I didn't think was real or anything. So Corey's nudie.... It's sorta like taking child porn, not supposed to happen. Like, he should be happy and fully clothed, and hell give him a Santa hat and all is good with the world. So, yeah. Just my 2 cents... But other than that, the other pictures of him are lovely, but I just wish he looked fatter and happier. He looks weary and about ready to punch someone in the pic of him looking off into space...

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