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  • Looking forward to reading the next chapter and more illustrations of course

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  • You know Raythe, you've really put Mathia in a tough spot. We're going to need illustrations of spaceships, runes, alien worlds, and, yes, a naked alien. Preferably playing twister with Jace.

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    as a nerd I REALLY want to know the Specs for the Osiris!!!

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    Oh ho, I really wanna see that last part. Yup yup. :D

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  • After reading the other comments I couldn't help myself! :D

    "Why Grandmother! What big ears you have!" Jace grinned as said ears flicked in annoyance. The grin only grew larger as a hint of deep purple started to creep across the thin membranes of Kloth's pointed ears.

    "It is unseemly to comment on another's ears." Kloth finally hissed, showing a hint of fang. Jace knew he would need to contemplate this later. Unseemly to mention ears? Was this another cultural misunderstanding like when he'd touched that Koiathe's tail earlier? Or was this another of Kloth's 'I have a stick up my butt' things? Who knows. What Jace did know was that he had more important things to focus on.

    "Why Grandmother! What big teeth you have!"

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  • I see it more clearly here. Jace definitely has a "Chris Pine" vibe to his expression. I hope he has that kind of personality!

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  • This is looking to be another exciting story! Is it wrong of me to wish to take Khoth away even before this has started?

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  • Y'all know Raythe is gonna drop some "supernova" size cliff hangers on us!
    We, the #ReignDears, may have to take to the streets . . .united in anticipation for new chapters!
    It is always a pleasure reading your works, RR.
    Keep up the good work!

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    #ReignDears. That is perfect! :D

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  • There definitely needs to be a naked illustration of Vhosh(?), he’s an alien and totally blue (which is awesome), but is difficult to picture. Also illustrations of the tech involved in the story would be absolutely amazing to complete my mental construction of what I’m positive will be an absolutely awesome tale! Not a word is yet published and I am already highly anticipating Empire of Stars!

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