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David is often manic as he feeds off the emotions of others.  Bad or good emotions convert into energy for him. Because of this he has trouble being still or even sleeping.  He onced filmed the location where he sensed residual emotional energy and discovered that something remained.  He realized he was filming ghosts.

As he “feeds” from emotions, David fears that he sometimes is nothing more than a mirror for the people around him.  He is afraid that one day he’ll lose himself altogether.  Because of this he is determined to do as much good with his gift as he can before he is lost forever.


  • Hay awesome pics !!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you show us the complete cover?
    Before you upgraded your site we used to see the complete cover but now all you do is tease us with just a top strip.
    Not fair :)

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  • In reply to: coolliz

    I think Raythe said somewhere that there would only be banners from now on, for the chapter-by-chapter online stories. Only the published stories get a cover. I'd love to see more of this picture for sure, since they seem to be very naked... but did Mathia actually drew more? Maybe not...

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  • Something about him reminders me about Shimada from Drakon, but that could just be becuse of the awesome t-shirt and his obvious Asian hertitage. Though I could totally see a dragon professor at MU.

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  • oh man, oh man. overall all theses characters (new and old) are so cool and exciting to see them played out. I'm just really excited!!

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  • Man... fine Asian men are a weakness for me XD !

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  • That... Would suck big time. Has he tried limiting his contact with other people to maintain is own identity?

    I really love the design on his shirt!

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  • In reply to: vidya

    If he stays away from people he spiritually starves. So damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

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  • In reply to: Raythe


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