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Born first and determined to protect his "younger" brother from all dangers, Draigh knows that the most admirable of Adair's traits--his curiousity, open-mindedness and compassion--are the ones that draw those dangers nearer. Luckily for all, Draigh is the best hunter and warrior in a century or more.  Draigh hides his emotions behind a stoic--and some say cold--demeanor, but inside of him hides a heart that is completely Adar's.

  • Adar is beautiful but my jaw dropped when i saw Draigh. Absolutely obsessed with this concept already.

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  • Only comparison I can make is he would be a nice quesadilla

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  • I love a warrior softy.

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  • The epitome of his brother's protector. I hope he doesn't hide his feelings from Adar under the guise of protection though. TLC

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  • Okay, okay....I love them both!!! This pairing is already fantastic!!! I am SUPER excited to follow the trials they face as they continue to fall in love!!!! **squealing**

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  • And the other half of the best duos; the stoic secret softie! Can’t wait to read his condescending and worrisome thoughts for Adar

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  • Nice the nerd/scientist and the warrior!!!

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  • In reply to: smint45

    One of the best combos in my opinion

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    seriously BADASS looking champ! great older brother!

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