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No matter how much they fight it, the brothers are drawn to one another like moths to a flame. They know if anyone discovers their forbidden love that being exiled from the safety of the village will be the least of their worries. But fate cannot be denied. 

  • Ah!

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  • All I can think is, besides this picture being beautiful and an awesome hint at what is to come, is who's going to be the boss in the bedroom?

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  • Make love in the "safe haven" of the dark forest. I have a feeling the dark forest will be their ONLY place to truly free themselves & allow their love to bloom. BUT at what cost? Oh boy, oh boy!!! I am already heavily invested!! These illustrations are all gorgeous!!

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  • I wonder how MAGIC those shrooms are?:o

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  • Ahhh, the cat has wings! I want to snuggle it. I hope everything works out for them, Draigh looks truly happy and unguarded which doesn’t seem to happen often. I love it and hope they can have many nights like this.

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  • Awesome pic. I love the cat thing. My kitty was a ball of trouble magic cats must be even more trouble.:p maybe the follow you into the non monster friendly Town kind. I don't know why I assumed the cat thing is friendly. I just love it and I want Adar to be friends with it and that could be all sorts of trouble. My brains already trying to write fanfiction yay!

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  • OMG, this is hot. I love the glowworms (spirit lights?) and waterfall scenery. So mesmerized, I almost missed the cute creature in the background :D

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