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The Weryn Bloodline has the gift of shapeshifting. Taking on various animal forms has created a pack-like structure among these vampires, which is very different than the other Bloodlines. Who they take as fledglings are carefully chosen and approved by all of the Bloodline, not just a single vampire's whim. Now they are forced to "choose" who will be one of them. This has become a point of contention with the returning Vampire King Daemon who has ordered that all Bloodlines find their fledglings at the Ever Dark Academy.  Ryder has been chosen to be the Weryn's representative by the king himself.

Ryder will go to the Academy but Weryn will choose no fledglings for his Bloodline. They will not be forced to change their ways no matter who is king...

  • Is it just me?! Or does Ryder's eyes look blue? Instead of silver..

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  • Daddy. Sorry, Daddy. Sorry. Daddy? Sorry...

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  • He sounds a bit high-strung. He could simply identify good candidates and present them to the pack for further approval.

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  • Talk about vain!

    He looks like a pampered model trying to look tough for the photographer (and failing cutely).

    And as for pack: most of the Weryn creatures aren't naturally pack animals - there are more packs in Yaoi romances than there ever were in nature. ;) This is another one of those oddities of vampire culture, like the Order, that seeks to mimic the human (and natural) realm without really understanding it.

    Hopefully, exposure to human students will bring this guy down to Earth (both literally and figuratively) a bit.

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  • When will we be able to start reading this novel ??

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  • oh.....oh yes....

    *pant* *pant*

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  • Absolutely Love his beard and tattoos!!

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  • I need a bucket for all this drool. Oh, gods above and below, what a figure! This is face to build empires! I normally don't like facial hair on my men but in this case, it strikes me as fitting. The tattoos flatter his physique and what a physique! To say this guy was an impressive physical specimen is a gross understatement. He looks like the sort to take no poodoo but interestingly, his facial features hint at a gentler personality. He reminds me of my elder brother, he looked stern and gruff, he wore a thick beard, he waded where angels feared to tread when necessary but he had a big ol' marshmallow heart. This guy strikes me as a fierce protector, prone to speak his mind boldly, of stern countenance and direct manner. "Wolf" or "bear" comes to mind but more "wolf" given the set of his features. I read how family and pack meant a lot to House Weryn and this Ryder strikes me as their poster boy. I imagine him butting heads with Daemon, all the while the king has a smile of tender fondness that infuriates Ryder all the more. Daemon knows what to expect from his bloodlines and it is my belief that he adores each for their signature qualities. He expects fierce pushback from the Weryn. From what I read about this house, the Weryn care deeply, their customs and traditions were forged with painstaking effort, so it only makes sense that they might balk at anyone strolling in and forcing them to do things differently. This one is a hit out of the park, Raythe. I cannot wait to see Ryder in action!

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  • oooh he's hot!! <3
    And I love that we'll have a hero in conflict against Daemon. I'm sure it will be interesting to see how much leadership the Bloodlines accept from Daemon versus the freedom they want to keep in how they run things in their Bloodlines and Houses.

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  • In reply to: keith

    He's so hot. Those ARMS!

    There is a conflict there that will have to be addressed big time.

    The issue of accepting his leadership as he CHANGES things is going to be a big test. Nobody likes change. Especially when its someone you don't know who is giving over something you don't want to give up.

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