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  • Just took the test and I got Ashyr! I would have wanted control over the weather but this doesn't sound too bad either!

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  • I wonder if Grayson is the Immortal of the Asher bloodline it would explain his use of telekinesis.? Hummmmm......

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  • I agree that each bloodline and ability is awesome in its own way. But telekinesis is the one power that I would choose every time. I can't wait to learn more about all the bloodlines and for us to find the remaining Immortals. I think that the consequences of the war will be interesting. I don't think all the Immortals will be as focused on their bloodlines individually. What happens if an Immortal reborn develops a relationship with another reborn Immortal? What happens if an Immortal is turned into a different bloodline and now has 2 powers? Oh, the possibilities.

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  • Did I read it correctly that Greyson had telekinesis BEFORE becoming a vampire? My guess is that he’s Ashyr reincarnated because it would be interesting seeing how being “human” would effect being an immortal!

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  • He looks the most "normal" of the 10 Inmortals in my opinion, a normal kid while the others look like superstars of some kind.

    I agree with the previous poster that movement is a wicked power. It depends on how deep it goes. White cells healing the body? Movement! The Earth spining on itself and the sun (day and night, plus seasons)? Movement! Blood and breath flowing in a body? Movement!

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  • Is Grayson Ashyr himself or just an Ashyr Vampire?

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  • your theory sounds a LOT like mine...

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  • Telekinesis is a phenomenal power to me. It has so many creative adaptations when you think about it in a non-linear form. The power to move with the mind?

    What is motion? Everything is in motion. It is what determines our molecular state. Speed something up? Friction and thus create heat creating fire. Slow the movement down? Reduce friction introducing loss of energy, creating cold and breaking apart the structure of something entirely.

    To me, this can be a devastating or miraculous power. Telekinesis applied down to the molecular scale, you could shift and sculpt mass on a whim like an artist molds clay. My first thought in learning about Ashyr and the level of power the Immortals have was that He/She/They were the literal architect of the cities of the Ever Dark. In that it was their power that actually pulled the cities from the earth and built them according to each Immortals vision.

    But now I'm just being a fanboy!


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  • In reply to: perplexity101

    I think that this is BRILLIANT and is even going beyond what I was thinking how it could be used! I will be using this in the story as they describe the extent of this power. I cannot wait myself. I'm already constructing little scenes!

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  • In reply to: Raythe

    That's awesome! It just made sense to me. How did the Ever Dark shift and change so naturally? Easy. Ashyr imbued the cities with the power to change their molecular state. How was this done? Eyros need only create a place where a vision can become a reality with the telekinesis serving as the bridge to give it shape. The mass is there. In every stone, blade of grass, drop of rain. Just a matter of shifting...well...matter and who better to do that than the telekinesis master who literally moves things with a thought? The Immortals overlapping and working to enhance each others gifts opens so many doors...

    ANYWAYS, I will stop babbling. This is so cool!!

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