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comp wyvern

  • Oooh. Fiona totally rocking that Egyptian queen/goddess look. I’m lovin’ it!

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  • I love her. I love teleportation. But in order to keep my telekinesis, I'll just be her friend and make her bounce me around places. LOL

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  • Before I couldn't figure out which vampire I would want to be at the beginning. But after a lot of consideration I would definitely be a Wyvern vampire. I would save SO MUCH MONEY on gas for my car if this was the case lol :D !

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  • A very good choice! Imagine just teleporting yourself to a golden sands beach? Or the pyramids of Egypt? Or wherever you want...

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  • Are all the vamps featured in these fabulous pictures all the Immortals even if they (and us) don't know it yet???

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  • In reply to: ipodpixie

    Tee hee! Could be!

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  • I do support my gurl here...she struggled but has it going on now. I can't be the man she needs, but I'll be a good friend...LOL

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  • In reply to: deltos

    Fiona is a total favorite of mine and she will have a good role in this. She's stepping up and taking her place.

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