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Grayson and Ryder believe they have their lives all plotted out. They believe that they are in control. The believe so many things that are wrong. When they meet will they teach one another something new?

But while out story will focus on these two and their path, there are so many other stories that will join with them. See the Vampire Bloodlines in all their glory and choose which one you would be.

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  • Like choosing a house at Hogwarts only with more spark, drama and sexy times. :)

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  • Oh I’m so excited!!!! Did I under stand it right that Ryder has telekinesis before he becomes a vampire? So excited!!!!! I can’t try the game jet because I’m at work but I will tonight!!!! What an amazing idea!!!!

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  • Oh this is going to be good !!!! Cannot wait to see two Alpha's challenge each other...:D

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  • In reply to: deltos

    Yep! Oh, yes.

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