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Cameron Blake worshipped his older brother Liam when he was a child.  Now all grown-up, Cameron is haunted by a feeling that when Liam died he lost the other half of himself.

Though a brilliant artist and musician, he abandoned all plans of leaving the small town where his mother is the sheriff and his father and brother died to pursue those dreams.  Instead, he tends bar in a little hole in the wall on the highway and constantly searches for men that remind him even of a little bit of Liam to feel alive.

  • He has some style!

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  • You know as I read this again it reminds me of Alex's little brother in Sanctuary.

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  • I would not be surprised if Cameron is connected to Loki somehow.

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  • I agree with Vidya, he looks like the type of guy who is like sweet candy for trouble. I also find him adorable and perhaps if he is not completely glum after having lost his brother and father, he still managed to keep a sunny personality and would be an amazing and fun friend to have around (even if he sounds like a bit of a tramp) xD

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  • He looks mischievous... As in, I am not surprised at all that someone had to rescue him from something :D

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  • In reply to: vidya

    I agree, he just has that light in his eyes.

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