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Elda fell in battle with The Gash long ago.  She was raised into immortality by Odin and named a Valkyrie. Odin’s orders to her were to seek out others to join the battle against The Gash.  

The moment she saw Liam Blake, she knew that he would be one of the greatest warriors her order has ever known. She believes that the blood of Odin himself runs through Liam’s veins, but she can tell that half his heart was left behind in the mortal world with his younger brother Cameron.

When she realizes that Cameron is again under threat from The Gash, her first thought is to send Liam out to see if he can recapture the other half of him that is missing.


  • She looks so badass!

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  • She reminds me a LOT of Kate Winslet

    from Brookhaven, GA, USA
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  • She is a M/M/incest fan ;):D;)

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  • Love her! I can already see a big change from your usual style with this story, mainly lots of strong female characters! I'm already convinced the main yaoi pairing of this story is going to be great to read, but you have such a talent for developing side characters into deep and rounded individuals that I am pumped to see what you do with all these beautiful and strong ladies.:)

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  • She scares me. Something about the look in her eyes says drill-sergeant...

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