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Lihua Chang was the second daughter of a Chinese merchant who resided in China in a small mountain town 500 years ago. The Gash came to her village and slaughtered her sister. She took up the sword for the first time and stopped The Gash from killing the rest of her town. She perished in battle and was raised into immortality.

Lihua is especially gifted at tracking The Gash and determining what its next move will be.  Due to her close connection with her own sister, she understands Liam’s deep devotion to Cameron.  

  • As soon as the page loaded I immediately blurted out "woahhhhh she looks cooool" =O I'm getting more and more excited for this story. I'd want to be her friend but I think I'd be too intimidated to approach her lol

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  • Ok, so I already have a slight crush on her, haha. I cannot wait to see what part she has to play.

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  • She looks very intense, first word that popped into my mind was like "Whoa!" :) . Mulan eat your heart out cause Lihua is here :D !

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  • You know... She is so beautifully drawn that I wonder what it would be like to animate her & this story. If I wasn't ill, I'd like the chance to try :)
    Good luck with this story. Although I am not into incest of any kind; I do enjoy a good story, well told.

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  • Ooh she's like your very own Mulan! Gorgeous and deadly! Can't wait to see her in action :)

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  • She. Looks. AWESOME! I'm already picturing Matrix-style fight scenes!

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