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Freyr Brand is haunted by his mother's death and his own survival. 

Named after his mother, Freya, Freyr is nineteen-years-old, determined, talented, intelligent and son of two wealthy, successful people.  His whole life has been striving for the next goal, the next achievement, the next milestone, but then that all changes when he follows after his mother's voice into a dark alley ...

In that alley, she dies, but he survives.  The authorities claim that they were both struck down by the Ghost disease, a global epidemic triggered by the destruction of old Japan.  Freyr does not believe his mother died that way.  He has vague, hazy memories of another person being present.  Those memories become far more certain when he finds in his mother's papers a picture of a man, Longwei Tang, and realizes that the figure he half-remembers seeing in the alleyway is real and is the head of the Heian Mofa ("Dark Magic") Triad, a criminal organization his mother was trying to stop.

His status as a Survivor of the Ghost disease means that he is at risk of being sent to a quarantine facility unless he flees to Neo-Tokyo, the home of new Japan, but Black Ocean, a powerful transnational company and the company his father works, offers another safe haven ... one in Hong Kong, where, luckily or unluckily, Longwei Tang is supposed to be.


  • I'm really bummed. This sounds like a really great story - until I read the words "love triangle." Given that I despise love triangles, I'll have to pass on this one.

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  • In reply to: kuroitenshi

    That could just mean that two people are in love and in a relationship and one person loves one if them but it isn't returned. :) I really hope that, that is the case with this story. ;)

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  • I'm very excited for this story. All three mains are so very sexy. I'm glad that Longwei will get a chance with Freyr as well as Jian. Though in my heart of hearts I kind of hope that this story ends with a true triad relationship. I think all three guys need some serious love directed their ways and what better way than to get that but to have two guys devoted to you?

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  • looking forward to this story thanks for brining us a new story

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  • I think the plot line for this story is epic, and it's going to be a great addition to the "Ghost" universe! However, does this mean we have seen the last of Tristan and Maeda? :(
    Tristan, Maeda and their relationship is so CAPTIVATING and BEAUTIFUL.
    I am desperately hoping for a sequel of their storyline.

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  • In reply to: vysan93

    Raythe said in response to another comment that there will be a Ghost:Neo-Tokyo 2, but first she wants to write Ghost:Hong Kong Triad :)

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  • I'm really excited about this story!
    So you decided to do a threesome. That means very hot smutty scenes right? =D While threesome is usually not my kink, I admit there are some threesome smut out there that are really, really hot. And when I see the 3 guys Mathias has painted, I really want to see them all in the same bed ^^
    But a real story with a threesome, not just a PWP.... I've never tried that before actually. Your summary/introduction makes me want to read this story though!! It looks very interesting and full of strong emotions... I feel like the dynamics between the characters will be awesome. And the characters themselves too. And the story. Aaw I can't wait to read it! :)

    And I think I'll enjoy more a story that is meant to be a threesome from the beginning, than a story where a character is suddenly accepted in the bed of two other characters that were very possessive of each other just a few chapters before... (yeah sorry, the idea of Dorn in Anarion/Abaddon's bed does still upset me a bit ^^ )

    In short: this new story looks really good!!! =)

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  • Doesn't Black Ocean belong to Maeda's dad?

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  • In reply to: nightrage

    Yes it does. Freyr's father only works there ;)

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  • I wonder if characters from GNT will be mentioned in this story like how Cory from the Sea is in Sanctuary. :)

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