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Bo Ping is Jian Chu’s long time partner on the police force.


Michevous and with a zest for life, food and good luck charms, Bo is an endless stream of optimism to offset Jian's pessimism.    


Jian is a cypher to many of the officers on the police force. He seems a warrior monk, leading an ascetic life, but Bo knows that this is just Jian's defense mechanism.  Disappointed and hurt by Longwei's fall from grace, Jian has become jaded by the world.  It is Bo's job to remind Jian that the world is not all shadows, but contains many bright lights.  

  • He seems like a sweet and compassionate man! He will be the perfect big brother for me.

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  • This is the guy who goes around finding everyone at his work (or even strangers on his way home) who are having a bad day and makes them smile again. Now I'm trying to imagine what would happen if he and Corey were in a room together...

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    I don't think anyone could withstand the combined forces of optimism. It could now down anything in its path.

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  • In reply to: mangaworm

    LOL Maybe they should have stuck The Crow in the same room as punishment. Not gonna happen but it's hilarious to think about.

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  • In reply to: nightrage

    That sounds like ruled an unusual punishment to everyone else but the Crow! LOL!

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