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Conrad Brand is a driven man.


Desperate to save his son from an obsessive guilt over Freya’s death and from the authorities that want to put Freyr in quarantine because of the alleged Ghost disease, he insists that Freyr come with him to Hong Kong.  He has accepted a reassignment in his company, Black Ocean, to run a new subsidiary called Arctiel in return for Black Ocean's protection of his son. 


Black Ocean, the company that now rules Neo-Tokyo openly, wants to establish another base in Hong Kong.  The Triads rightly see this as a move by the Japanese Yakuza to come into their territory.  Conrad has been hand-chosen by Black Ocean's CEO to gain the company a strong foothold in China.  Conrad intends to give Black Ocean exactly what it wants.



  • It's interesting and says a bit about his character that his suit isn't as futuristic as everyone else's, and is a little rumpled, like he's spent too much time working and not on keeping his grooming up to par.

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  • He has this Hugh Jackman air around him.... :D

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  • I see what you're saying, but I think he resembles Jared Harris a little more. Especially when he had the beard for his role as Prof. Moriarty in A Game of Shadows.

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  • I totally agree XD

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  • I take it this book is set after GNT as it mentions that Black Ocean is now running Neo-Tokyo openly.

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  • In reply to: nightrage

    Yes, it is. And we'll see Wakahisa Kei a lot in this story.

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  • Wait, is his name Brand or Black? The title says one, the description says another... :(

    As long as I'm already commenting, this story looks sweet! I'm not as sad we're near the end of GNT now :)

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