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Longwei Tang is full of dark magic and darker impulses.


Longwei obsessively loves his best friend, Jian Chu, when they are children in the orphanage.  He worships Jian as he knows instinctively that Jian is truly good and true and strong.  But he comes to realize that heros such as Jian do not come on top during their time with Feng Huo.  Even more disturbingly, he finds that he excels at the darkest Chinese Sorcery that Feng Huo can show him.  He comes to believe that it is better to be feared than loved.  He uses that mantra to work his way, and destroy Feng, kill his way up the Chinese Triads and take what he wants.  He forms his own Triad, the Heian Mofa, in a society not known for embracing new things or change. But he doesn’t care. It gives him a greater thrill to oppose the common understanding.


He may be behind the death of Freya Brand.  She stood between him and opening a branch of his new Triad in San Francisco.  He has no idea that she has such a bewitching son as Freyr until Freyr spots him using his magic to send yet another enemy into the grave.  Though he could easily kill Freyr right then and there, he strangely decides not to. Instead, he makes the decision to let Freyr live with the threat that if Freyr reports what he has seen to anyone he won’t kill Freyr, but will kill everyone Freyr loves.  He then demands that Freyr spend the night with him.  He gives Freyr the most unforgettable night of pleasure.  


When he realizes that Jian is interested romantically in Freyr as well, he becomes more interested in keeping the young man for himself.

  • Oooh a love triangle. Threesome please!

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  • In reply to: Elthorian

    We are kinky bastards, aren't we? I am so game for a threescore here.

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  • You guys keep mentioning this Viewfinder, so I had to look it up. I thought I recognized the art and then. .. OMFG IT'S BY THE AUTHOR OF CRIMSON SPELL!!!!

    I screamed and scared my dog off the bed lol I'm definitely adding that to reading wish list now as eell as reading yours Raythe :D i am intrigued by these "bad guy get the goods first" thing.

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  • There is something incredibly sexy about a guy with a very long black hair! I'm really looking forward to reading this story!Now if I can meet a guy this GREAT looking in real life, I would really be a very happy girl! LOL!

    from Darien, IL 60561, USA
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  • Okay. I just read through the descriptions of Freyr, Jian and Longwei and only one word comes to mind: threesome.
    So. Excited.

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  • What to do when the villain is sexier than the hero...

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  • Totally agree with you! :)

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  • I wow.I have no words. I agree with everyone else's comments, especially the Viewfinder ones. Ah just have to wait and see how this story unfolds.excited!!

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  • In reply to: bookworm524

    Mathia and I were actually NOT inspired by Viewfinder (though it did always make me want to do a Triad story when I read it). We actually looked mostly at actors we both liked that fit the mold and then Mathia painted completely from imagination to fit the general traits. But I think its natural people assume Viewfinder as its a long-haired Chinese guy and that's the most well known story.

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