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  • While I am quite late to the fandom I loved Caemorn's character ark. I love the growth how he went from being on of my least favorite to very close to my favorite. I'm a big fan of Christian's character as I saw a lot of myself through him.
    I will say I'm a practicing pagan so when I took the test most of my pantheon's are either chaotic at best and/or works with death. Yet, I know I have a very charismatic personality so I was quiet happy I stumbled upon Kaly as my bloodline when I completed the quiz.
    I'm excited to start reading ever dark academy, I love the world that has been built around it and I'm excited to see more about ever dark as a whole.

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  • Caemorn is someone I could see happy in a stable threesome for some reason.

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  • Join us on the Discord; we have a fan-fiction channel.

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  • I believe Caemorn experienced the greatest growth through "Ever Dark" and it is good to see him enjoying the benefits in "EDA." This illustration is stunning and I admit that I'd fall hard for the quiet intellectual who is struggling with emotions. Still waters run deep and Caemorn's are the deepest. In closing, I like him MUCH better clean-shaven and I sign on with his new nickname "Baby-faced angel of death." SO fitting and I can see his expression when he hears it. At first, startled, then beet-faced, then ducking bashfully with a little curl of amusement at the corner of his lips, then stern as he berates himself for reacting to something so silly, finally all feline "you saw nothing here, MORTAL" and moving on with stiff-backed grace.

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    Sorry, "Angel-faced Master of Death."

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  • I think this does an amazing job of showcasing just how far Caemorn has come as a character. The removal of the beard and the attire in general here tells me he's me comfortable. He doesn't seem as guarded, afraid or on edge. He looks happy, confident even. There's still a touch of sadness to him but honestly? Mathia did a phenomenal job of showing how our favorite prickly necromancer has grown. I hope, that as he has grown to be loved by others he is able to find that ONE that just completes everything for him.

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    Yes, he does seem more comfortable in his own skin. He is himself. Not Artemis-Kaly's puppet. He is the Immortal Kaly. But he is still recovering from the abuse he suffered. Balthazar is too. Both of them are thrown into this co-principal thing by Daemon b/c they need one another to heal but also b/c they are connected so closely. They compliment one another.

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  • Much better without the beard. The angel-faced master of death.

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    lol I think all men look better with out beards. Well I take that back as I think of Aragorn in LOTR. Vigor looked so much better as Aragorn lol.

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    Angel-faced Master of Death! I'm using this!

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